“I am Zandra Louise Fojas. I am truly grateful that God has brought me to King Solomon. Who and what I am now is because of what the school has contributed in my life and I am so thankful for that. I started studying in this school since I was a preparatory student until I graduated in Grade 6 last school year 2016-2017. I am also going to enrol in this school this coming school year 2017-2018 as a Grade 7 student.

I love to study at KSCSI since it is a Christian school. The community is safe and I know that I belong. It has a friendly atmosphere. Teachers try their best to communicate the lessons in a way that students understand. They also help us to not only to gain academic knowledge but to grow in wisdom and to grow spiritually. They also help us discover, develop and use our God given talents for God.  My teachers encourage me to be confident and always do my best. I used to be shy when I was a little kid. KSCSI has designed many activities for us to be confident to speak in front. I also enjoy the lessons that are being taught by my teachers. I also developed a good study habits since syllabus are given in making the lessons easy to follow.

KSCSI has helped me a lot in my spiritual growth. Our Lord uses the teachers to share His word among us, students. Prayer and word of God is integrated in each subject area. I really enjoy our worship day where we hear interesting topics on how to grow spiritually.

I love this school and I’m blessed to be part of this wonderful family.”


--- Zandra Louise Fojas ---

"One thing I love about this school is their purpose of using the school all for the glory of God. They have a loving environment, approachable teachers and staff, and they provide an education with academic excellence. During my 11 years staying at this school, I can say that students are expected to learn discipline and passion for knowledge. It also helped me in my development as a Christian to know more about the Bible and be like Christ, especially in His selfless service to the community. The school has clubs where you can join and socialize with other students. This helped me in having self-esteem and confidence to talk to the crowd. The school is also dedicated into reaching out to the community and spreading Jesus’ love for all of us. Because of this school, I’ve become a child of The One True King. I’ve been changed and blessed in so many different ways. I want to thank the Lord for giving me an opportunity to study in a school like KSCSI."

--- ​Rosa Sophia Cortina ---


Well as we can see, it is a good thing that the school undergoes continuous improvements year by year. Though they experience tough times, the school assures that they use such instances as stepping stones towards success. Another good thing about KSCSI is that they promote activities that are beneficial for the people that are part of the school including the students, parents, teachers, and staff. I can truly say that KSCSI is a good school because since I first studied here, they've already showed their value for academics, students, workers, families, and above all, spiritual matters. KSCSI has showed their strong faithfulness to our awesome God throughout the years and I know that the Lord has also poured out His blessings upon them through different ways. May the almighty God continuously show His marvelous works and blessings to KSCSI so that along with it, He can also use this school to bless others’ lives. I can say that KSCSI has lots of good qualities that did actually caused beneficial effects to students like me. Aside from the fact that they help us to excel academically, we students have also been given the chance to discover our abilities and talents through the different organizations and clubs the school has prepared. Also, because of KSCSI's sponsorship program, students that are not able to afford school have received the privilege to still attend school and learn lots of things without even worrying about money. And most importantly, the school is barely capable in teaching and mentoring students in their spiritual growth. Many students, including me, are now growing continuously because the school allows the Lord to use them mightily in blessing others' lives. Relative to this, a teacher, specifically Ms. Cristine Maneclang, have helped me and my classmates back in grade 3 to accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Saviour. And in the following years, her fellow teacher, Ms. Jhoanna De Guzman, who is also our adviser, was used by the Lord to serve as our spiritual mom/mentor in school. Because of their help, me and my classmates are now experiencing the Lord's goodness in our lives. I am thankful because God has used the school to support us both academically and spiritually. Indeed the school has done a great part in our lives.

--- Abby Grace Nivera ---


There are a lot of things to testify how God moved and carried me in this journey of life. I truly praise Him for His goodness and faithfulness to my life and even to my family.

My life entails many chapters and episodes just like novels and I give glory to the Lord for allowing me to share my life testimony. I would like to share my journey in finding this school and how God used me as an individual and as a teacher here at KSCSI.

I live a Christian life since I surrendered myself to Him and as time goes by; my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ grows and became stronger. I encountered lots of challenges and problems in the year 2009 and I was tested with many trials that enable me to cling on God’s promises to my life. I believe that God is really speaking to us if we read and study His words. Indeed, God has many ways in showing His miracles and using different kinds of people to be an instrument of knowing Him.

During that year was the time when I knew that my youngest son has a special need. We went at different hospitals, doctors and schools. Different diagnostics of the doctors, and in some schools that we went through, they rejected my son. Only one thing I could hold on to, and that is to trust and believe in God. I asked God for provision, and someone in our neighborhood mentioned King Solomon. Right there and then, we went there. They accepted the case of my son. Though it’s too late for him to enrolled at KSCSI, I believe it’s God’s perfect timing. Indeed, what an overflowing joys that I felt to the Lord that time and for the school as well. Then, I heard that the school would have a speaking contest, that’s why I didn’t waste time to practice his lines to joined him in the said event. As he joined the contest, at first time he called his name, he felt the stage fright, but then, he was given a chance again to speak in front and he memorized his piece. Again, what another answered prayer that time. What an amazing powers that God can do if we put our trust in Him. As his mom I’m so proud of him because little by little he overcame his fear, developed and boost his confident by the support of his teachers and of course by God’s grace. I’m still praying for the  better improvement of my son. I will never lose hope. As the scripture says in Romans 12:12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

--- Mrs. Deza Claire M. Pili ---


"For me, KSCSI is a gift from God. He has chosen this place to mould our children to be a God-fearing and a good citizen someday. KSCSI always shows love and care to all their students. Teachers and the non-teaching staff are not showing any discrimination to our children and even to the parents. They value and treated us well. They really have a good foundation in developing their learners to become the best that they can be.

As a parent, I am grateful to the Lord for giving me an opportunity to send my three children to study in this school. He used people as channels of blessings to reveal His goodness to us.

My children started to study here since they were in Preschool. Through the love and dedication of the teachers, they have been taught of God’s Word and being guided by His ways. My children are also encouraged to excel academically because of the methods of teaching, they cater the needs of my children to suit to their different abilities. But aside from this, I really appreciate the spiritual growth of my kids. They have learned and realized their purpose; that is to please God in all the things they do. And now, they are serving the Lord through their talents in music and youth ministry.

I truly felt the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord to my family through the sponsorship program. Indeed, God is good all the time!


--- Mrs. Marieta Apa ---

We, family Tongson, is a simple and happy family. I have two children both of them are boys. My eldest son named Kyle Justine B. Tongson and my youngest Kian Cedric B. Tongson.  We live at 119 Kaliraya St., Corner Hunters Brgy. Tatalon, Q.C. I grew up in Tatalon until I got married. Since then, I have known King Solomon because it is nearby school and because one of my nieces graduated from this school. That’s why the school is very familiar to me. I thought that if I would have a child, I will send them to this school, and by God’s grace, we were able to send our eldest son, Kyle to this school. True enough, my son has a very good foundation when it comes to academics. From preschool until he finished elementary last SY 2016-2017, he was a consistent achiever and performed well in class as well as extracurricular activities.  Because of this, I was encouraged to also enroll my youngest son, Kian and now he is now in Grade 2. I am so thankful that he also received the same good foundation as his brother and consistently performed well in class.

All my sons’ achievements are our lifetime achievements too as their parents. We give our full support for them and I believe that the school mould my children well. The partnership of parents (family) and teachers (school) is essential to a child’s development and growth.

As a family, we also experienced struggles. Despite all those struggles, God is always with us, we just continue to have faith in Him. I really thank God for His grace. He wants us to do our best and He will do the things beyond our capacity to accomplish.

And as parents, we also have weaknesses and that what makes the Lord Jesus Christ the only perfect model for humanity. Because of this, we also believe in the school’s guiding verse in teaching kids in Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”      


Indeed, King Solomon Christian School International is a big part of our family and I always remind them that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.


--- Mrs. Tongson and Family ---

First, I would like to greet everyone a pleasant day. I am Mr. Jose A. Anglo together with my wife Mrs. Maribel L. Anglo. We know that this school, King Solomon Christian School International located along Araneta Avenue was operated and managed to promote basic quality education with Christian life environment. Its mission is to help every parent to send their children to school for free or in a less expensive but quality Christian education. For those who are less privileged, they offer a sponsorship program in order for the child to finish their studies. I believe that this is a great school for children considering our experience in the friendly Christian environment of the school. My wife and I choose this school, King Solomon Christian School International, and entrusted our children for their elementary education for the many reasons. First,  the school is around the vicinity and just near our residence. We find it safe and easy access because we don’t experience traffic and long hours of travel. Second, the teachers are knowledgeable and have the necessary skills in performing their duties and responsibilities for their students. All the faculty and staff are friendly and helpful, and they make sure that they do their responsibilities in utmost quality. And last, I think is one of their best program  is not only to lead every child to excel in their academic studies but most importantly leading them to a Christian way of living-leading them to know Jesus.

The KSCSI teachers are dedicated to their duties and every child has their own time to learn and grow. I, myself saw the difference. My children had finished their elementary education in this school and we are truly grateful we sent them here because they are living in a Christian way despite of our busyness at work. Truthfully, we were unable to lead them fully because of our occupation but the school is our partner in caring and leading our children in the right way. I am so grateful for all the efforts and good deeds especially to the teachers who made our child learn and grow responsively.

I can say it was great and we receive countless benefits from King Solomon Christian School International. My children learned advanced and enhanced lessons academically. Moreover, my children learn how to live in a friendly Christian environment and whatever they have learned they will bring until they grow. They are good and Godly children and I am so thankful for that.

Through the years, KING SOLOMON CHRISTIAN SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL strives to give quality education in a caring Christian environment, all for God’s glory!

--- Mr. and Mrs. Anglo ---


“It’s a miracle! I could never imagine how God worked amazingly in my life. Roman in the past has lots of vices: gambling, drinking liquors, stealing and even being a womanizer. KSCSI played an important role for who I am now.

I have never imagined that KSCSI will become my workplace because I know that it cannot sustain my family even my personal needs. It is different from other companies in which they have concrete and high rise buildings with complete facilities and equipment. But why am I still staying here? KSCSI is my home. I have found a family here. And God is using me in this place to help my co-workers in Christ. He has given me talents and abilities that I may use all for His glory.

I didn’t see the things that I have received here as merely benefits, but I looked at them as blessings; blessings that are being shared not only to me but to my whole family.

Now, I am praying that our Almighty God will continue to give me more strength and wisdom, help me in my spiritual growth and continue to use me in my ministry here at KSCSI.”

--- Mr. Roman Silario ---

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